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Is The Panda and Penguin Update Leaving You Devastated And Helpless?

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On February 24th 2011 and then again on April 24th 2012 Google literally destroyed the lives of tens of thousands webmasters, Internet Marketers and website owners - not even counting all the small business owners that use a website for their business.upset man

With their so called 'Panda Update' and then again with the 'Penguin Update' Google has introduced a radical change in their search engine algorithm that kicked websites once ranking in the top 3 down to position 100 or below. This has sent shockwaves through the SEO community.

I have talked to countless people - many have seen their traffic go down 80% or even more. One friend of mine who had two websites in some very lucrative health niches lost 90% of her Adsense Income. She went from $6000 / per month of passive Adsense income to only $600 / month.

You can imagine what this means for a business and in consequence for the family and for the emotional state of a person.

You think you have built a business - you have made plans. You might have a mortgage to pay and then suddenly out of nowhere the Google Gods hit you with a new algorithm cutting off almost all of your traffic. Feeling totally helpless you are asking yourself what it is that you have done - and what you can do to get your rankings back.

But Google won't tell you. They never tell you anything.

Sure, they say, they wanted to punish 'content farms' and 'low quality content' - but what if your website is neither a content farm and doesn't have any low quality content?

Things Are Getting Worse

To make things worse then you find that some nasty scraper site that steals your content will rank above you! This has happened in many cases. It is like they have knocked you down and when you are already lying helpless on the floor they will kick you again and laugh at how stupid you are...

I don't need to mention that emotions are running wild since February 24th. It got even worse: In March there were two more updates to the Google algorithm that seem to punish the sites that had already been punished even more.

It is no exaggeration when I say that nearly 100% of webmasters and Internet marketers out there were absolutely clueless as to what exactly had happened and why.

Out of my own websites a few were hit VERY hard - one went from position 1 to position 29 for a very competitive keyword. However, some of my websites were not affected at all by the Panda update - and some even gained substantially. I was not sure if they gained only because others were knocked down and they simply filled the void or if Google actually now liked them better.

I had to find out what had happened.

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My Quest For The Panda Secret

Since February I have devoted all my time finding out what was the cause that some of my websites moved down, and others had moved up.

First I read every single thing that had been written about Panda in any blog or forum. There was not ONE single piece of information that was able to explain what was going on - only clueless webmaster complaining and speculating.trash can

Then I looked at every single piece of data available on my own websites. I looked at the linking patterns, at all the on page criteria - basically everything that is common knowledge about SEO. I also analyzed all my competitors in the niches I was in, their page structures, keyword densities, their linking patterns, checked for duplicate content..everything.

After 3 weeks I could say with confidence that Panda was not about backlinks! It was something else...

Then I looked at all my web stats. I love looking at web stats - unlike 99% of other webmasters. They tell you many stories others are missing. I looked at how users were using my site, where they came from, where they were clicking..I used all the stats in Google Analytics and even the new cool page overlay feature they had introduced recently ...

After a while I had a strange gut feeling what it was. The reason for that feeling was what happened to one of my one-page sites. This site was the perfect site to test this since I had not made any modifications for 6 months.

It seemed glued to page 2 - I wanted to find out. I made one single change to the site - I didn't build any new links.

After only 3 weeks I suddenly started getting sales and I remembered that I didn't even promote it any further. I thought: Crazy with only 1 visitor per day on page 2 I start getting sales - not bad that conversion.

Then I checked the ranking: I was shocked again. I was #3 - not only on page one but #3 - above me only the product vendor and another review page. How could this happen?

The Smoking Gun I Found

I digged deeper - looked at the stats again - and I found something that totally struck me.
My web stats clearly revealed EXACTLY WHY MY PAGE HAD MOVED UP. I was sure this was it!

I could see that my theory was right. I shared this with a friend of mine. He was skeptical: 'If it were that easy someone would have found it by now'. I said 'Maybe, but what if they are not looking in the right place? Everybody is so obsessed with brute force link building. This is something that can be easily overseen.' He had to admit I was right and agreed to try it on one of his sites although it was not affected by the Panda update.smoking gun

After one month he called me and asked me to type in the keyword he was targeting - his voice didn't reflect any emotions - ok I was used to that because he is a good Poker player - but I couldn't tell if it had worked for him or not. I was like ' I don't see your site' - he replied 'sure you do' - but I couldn't - 'look at the top' he said.

Then I found it: His site was now number 1! I didn't even look at the top before - this is why I wasn't able to see it at first glance. I was used to it being around position 6 or 7. Whow!

It seemed I had found something. I had been right!

I definitely had nailed down one of the main factors Google appeared to use for ranking sites after the Panda update!

I had to find out more. Now my research started in earnest. I wanted to make sure that what I found wasn't a coincidence or simply an illusion - or just a bad joke of Google.

I now started to look at more factors and conduct a series of tests where I would make certain changes to my websites and see how Google reacted.

Google's New Ranking Factor

I found several more factors: And ALL of them pointed in the same direction - a direction almost none of the so called 'SEO experts' were looking.

diagram ranking factors

Now I was convinced: Google had started to include user behavior data into their ranking algorithm. This means that they evaluate how visitors act on and interact with a site to draw conclusions on how to rank the sites.

I was proud that my initial idea had been confirmed.

I originally wanted to post my findings in an SEO forum to discuss it with other webmasters. But by now I had so many other ranking factors and so much data that it needed to be published in a book.

This is how The Panda Code came into existence.

The Panda Code

In The Panda Code I am dissecting the Google algorithm changes right before your eyes and I will show you exactly what you need to do in order to get your rankings back or to rank well in first place.

By now I can say that Google has introduced a true paradigm shift so that you can easily toss all these SEO books that were published up until summer 2011!! This is not some marketing hype - I really mean it.

Google has started to go into a totally new direction with the inclusion of user behavior data into their algorithm - so that you would miss at least 50% of what you need to know if you kept following the old-school SEO advice.

Here are just some of the secrets you are about to discover in my brand new 88-page guide:

Which new critical component Google has added with the Panda Update
What exactly you MUST DO NOW if you want to recover from the Panda slap
Why certain sites dropped - yet others seemed to not be affected at all
The big thing you are missing if you only do on-page SEO and link building
How exactly Google determines if your content is shallow or of high quality
How to outrank any competitor even if they have 10 x more links than you
Which free tools will help you to find where to optimize your site for the Panda


What About You?

Do you have a website and just cannot figure out why Google has slapped you right in the face and you cannot even get to page 1 any more where a couple of months ago it seemd so easy?

Or are you just starting and are wondering what you really must do in order to get top rankings for basically any keyword you can think of?

I don't know of any other book on SEO that is covering these ranking factors that I do.

And I have read them all. I have scanned the entire market. I have literally searched all blogs and forums - there simply isn't anything out there revealing what I reveal in The Panda Code.

No, it was never my intention to write a book. I am not a Marketing Guru. I make my money in other niches outside Internet Markating. I would have loved to just find a guide that tells me what I need to do to fix what the Panda broke, buy it and implement it. But there was none. So I had to write it.

When you start reading The Panda Code you will instantly feel that certain sense of excitement that I did when I first saw my initial idea confirmed and that now everything seemed to make sense and it was so obvious. Imagine the feeling when you suddenly see your site jump up a several positions from just making small changes and then another couple of positions a few days later. This feeling is priceless. It feels like you have finally cracked the code that Google never wanted to reveal - especially when you know for sure that you can repeat this again and again and it always works.

If after reading the Panda Code you go back to some SEO forums you will be smiling and feel sorry for all these people that are so clueless trying out this and that but never getting anywhere.

WARNING: I know it is tempting. Don't get arrogant just because you know something 99% of other webmasters don't . Be grateful that you found this before everybody else did.

The Bottom Line

I refused offers to make this available to only a selected few in the form of a high priced seminar. I wanted everyone to be able to access this information: People with small businesses, people with affiliate sites, review sites, niche blogs, people like YOU.

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A Last Word Of Warning:

The Google Game is changing fast. They are making it harder and harder for ordinary people like you and me to compete with the big guys that have ad budgets of several millions. Search engine marketing is at a strategic inflection point right now.
There will be many people losing out and some of them will eventually give up. And yet there will be others secretly benefitting from the changes in the Panda update.

Whatever you decide to do...just make sure you are among the winners. It doesn't take much. You just need to know a handful of ranking factors Google is now using that 99% of webmasters are not yet aware of.

Now is your chance to stay ahead of your competitors who are still doing brute force link building and keep wondering why it is getting harder and harder to keep their rankings.


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